By making a movie, I don’t have another purpose to follow that natural inclination (...) of counting stories that I like and that I have earn to count, mixing inextricably sincerity and invention, as well as a desire to astound, to shamelessly confess and absolve myself


Alicia's hands


Alicia’s Hands is the human and artistic portrait of Alicia de Larrocha, of a life devoted to study and musical improvement. Her hard work has been recognized by plenty of awards but this never disturbed her objective: to perform with the highest rigor and fidelity to the composer.

This is the story of an artist with small hands, a story of passion for the music and a journey on the power of desire to discover the woman beyond the pianist.

Kilian Jornet, counting lakes


A documentary where, through the most intimate gaze and thoughts of Kilian Jornet, we reveal his desires, his love for the mountain and for those people who are part of their live and who have helped to forge a great sportsman and an exceptional human being.

An exciting travel to discover the child who dreamed of being a lake counter.

7Stories and 1City

7Stories and 1City is a documentary that narrates the lives of 7 women in the city of Figueres: Maite, Dolors, Jana, Doris, Gemma, Mireia and Lurdes show us, from their daily life, different ways of seeing and confronting the lifetime.

The Adventures of Tuno (1st Full Season)

Promotional mini-series on social networks, prior to the broadcast of Kilian Jornet, counting lakes at Televisió de Catalunya (TV3)